Month: October 2018

6 Netball Shooting Tips To Make You A Pro

We’ll start by saying that developing your shooting skills for netball takes lots of practice, and that mastering the technique takes time and patience. If you’re the Goal Shooter or Goal Attack these are skills you are going to want to take the time to become comfortable with. Your team […]

6 Must Try Netball Drills For Juniors

Now that you’ve mastered all the beginning, basic skills of netball it’s time to take your training and drills to the next level. The below list of fun and effective netball drills for juniors that were composed with the junior level trainer in mind. Use these five netball drills and […]

6 Ridiculously Fun Netball Drills

Practicing to be one of the best netball participant you will be doesn’t at all times should imply finishing the identical lackluster drills again and again. Some of probably the most enjoyable netball drills can be probably the most useful in creating workforce camaraderie, mastering expertise and studying new ones. […]